Antique Vintage 3 Chinese Tibetan Gilt Hand Painted Bronze Buddha Statues

These 3 Chinese Tibetan Buddha statues belonged to my late relatives who collected many Oriental items, the three Buddhas are posing in different positions, so we believe they are meant to be kept together. The statues are made from a bronze with copper we think as the bases have copper, the figures are gilt with […]

Mahakala & Jambhala Seltene alte Figuren. Old bronze statues (Buddha Tibetan)

Bernagchen Mahakala & Jambhala. Schwarzer Jambhala und Bernagchen Mahakala. Zwei alte, dunkel patinierte Bronze Statuen. Aureole des Mahakalas separat gefertigt und abnehmbar. Höhe 7 cm und 9 cm. Weitere seltene buddhistische Statuen und Thangkas aus privaten Sammlungen finden Sie in unseren Angeboten. Black Jambhala and Bernagchen Mahakala. Two old Tibetan dark bronze figures. Aureole of […]

9 Gold Gilded Tibetan bronze Manjushri Bodhisattva Manjusri Buddha Gold Statues

Face Painted Hand Carved Gold 9 Manjushri Jambiyang Gold Gilded Copper Statue. Manjushri is the bodhisattva of awakened intelligence. In his right hand, he holds the flaming sword of compassion that cuts through desire, attachment, and ignorance. In his left hand, he holds The Perfection of Wisdom (Heart Sutra) teachings on emptiness, or the non-dual […]